Christopher E. Brown

Christopher E. Brown, Esq., is the principal attorney of The Brown Firm PLLC. During his extensive legal career, he has established himself as both a competent practitioner and a talented litigator. His insight in litigation has been proven through his extensive record of success in the courtroom. During his career as a litigator, he has represented a wide variety of clients in several different areas of the law. His notable accomplishments have been recognized through the gratitude of his clients, the recognition of his peers, and his attention from the media.


Christopher graduated from Duke University in 1992 with a double major in philosophy and history and was a starting running back on the 1989 ACC Championship football team under head coach Steve Spurrier. He graduated from the Georgetown Law Center in 1995. Christopher is a native Washingtonian and 1988 graduate of Gonzaga High School.


An Attorney in the Making


Christopher E. Brown was exposed to the world of law at a young age. He made a clear decision early in life to pursue a career in law because he wanted to be able to help others in the same way that his grandfather and father had before him. Edwin C. Brown, Jr. mentored his son so that he could learn the discipline and determination needed to be successful as an attorney.


Determination to Succeed


Christopher E. Brown was a talented athlete and student. Both in the classroom and on the football field, Christopher demonstrated his natural drive to achieve through his tireless work ethic. He remained focused on being successful in athletics and academics, which paid off when he was accepted to the prestigious Duke University. During his time at Duke, he continued to display his natural determination and work ethic in both athletics and academics and was awarded the position of running back during some of Duke University’s most impressive years. He was a key element in the success of Duke’s 1989 ACC Championship team and helped carry the team to the 1989 All-American Bowl. After he received his degree in philosophy and history, he set his sights on law school.


Legal Training


Christopher’s legal training played a crucial role in his development as a litigator. He was able to develop his natural acumen for litigation at the Georgetown University Law Center. He further honed his abilities as a litigator by participating in a civil litigation law clinic where he represented D.C. residents in matters involving small claims. When other students were focusing solely on class, Christopher was already testing his abilities in the courtroom.


A Natural Born Litigator


After receiving his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center, he dove into the professional legal world head first. Brown fulfilled the challenging position of a judicial clerkship in the D.C. Superior Court until the fall of 1996 and 1997 when he began practicing law alongside his father in the family firm, which is now known as The Brown Firm PLLC.


Christopher’s competency in litigation was recognized early on in his legal career. His natural understanding of the law was made evident by his early successes in litigating insurance defense cases. His abilities as a litigator continued to develop over an impressive career, which includes over 45 jury trials to date.


Notable Cases


Christopher E. Brown’s abilities as a litigator are especially recognized due to several hard-fought victories in court. He is widely known and widely cited in briefs across the country, in particular for his 2003 record-setting $5.2 million verdict in the case of White v. BFI, an employment discrimination case in the Eastern District of Virginia – a reputedly difficult jurisdiction for discrimination claimants.


Principal of The Brown Firm PLLC


Christopher E. Brown fulfills the role of principal attorney of The Brown Firm PLLC and is actively practicing as a litigator in the areas of criminal defense, traffic defense, civil litigation, employment and labor law, and personal injury. He is admitted to the Virginia State Bar and the District of Columbia Bar and can practice in Virginia and District of Columbia Federal Courts and serves clients throughout Northern Virginia.


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