How is injury compensation determined?

Involvement in a car accident or suffering an injury compensation on the job frequently results in life-altering wounds, exorbitant medical expenses, and a reduction in income due to the need to take time off work while recovering. The best way to get compensation and financial assistance for the mounting bills is frequently to file a civil suit against the party that was negligent and blame them for the accident.

People who are thinking about bringing legal action often wonder how much financial compensation they should seek from the court. Each of our customers will receive a unique amount of recovery (compensation), which a number of different elements will determine.

Example of How Compensation is Determined from a Car Accident Injury

After putting in a long day at work, a construction laborer is on his way back to his family in the evening. Even though he is exhausted, he is alert and is paying attention to the other drivers on the road. Having traveled only a short distance from his house, he is looking forward to spending some quality time with his family, which includes his wife and his children. He comes to a halt at a four-way stop, scans the area to ensure that he is not being followed, and then continues forward through the intersection.

A young female driver is also approaching the intersection at the same time. She is having a good time giggling and chatting with her friends while they are riding in the car, and she glances over at a video that one of her friends is watching on her phone. She does not pay attention to the stop sign and continues at a high rate of speed, colliding with the man’s car on the driver’s side.

He is taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he is treated for multiple broken bones, lacerations, and symptoms consistent with a concussion. He has been informed that in order for his injuries to heal properly and in order for him to finish his physical therapy sessions, he will need to take at least three months off of work. He does not know what his family will do about the mounting medical bills, nor does he know how they will manage financially without him in the household. Continue reading below to learn more about the scenario.

Arizona Car Accident Injury-Related Statistics

Automobile collisions are a frequent source of both injuries and time lost from work. Despite the fact that more safety features are being added to vehicles than at any other time in history, the number of fatal car accidents continues to rise. Experts are of the opinion that this is the result of drivers being distracted.

According to the Accident Statistics provided by the Arizona Department of Transportation:

In 2018, there were more than 127 thousand accidents involving motor vehicles in the state of Arizona. In 916 of these accidents, one or more people lost their lives as a result. Over 36,000 people suffered serious injuries as a direct result of these accidents. Almost 1,400 of these collisions involved people walking on the street. Across the state, motor vehicle collisions were responsible for economic losses totaling more than $19 billion.

Other Types of Common Injuries that can Result in Compensation

Regrettably, collisions with motor vehicles are not the only thing that can result in injuries. People can sustain life-threatening injuries while performing their jobs, participating in recreational activities, or going about their daily lives, such as going shopping.

The following are examples of some of these injuries:

Accidents at work, such as tripping, falling, slipping, or sustaining injuries from machinery
The recently mopped floor at the supermarket caused me to slip and fall. Sustaining an injury as a result of inadequate training at one’s place of employment or while volunteering.

Accidental tumbling at a trampoline park, resulting in a fractured bone or sprained joint
Being struck by a ball while watching a game of baseball Experiencing unfavorable effects as a result of taking a medication. Being bitten by a dog that belonged to a neighbor sustained an injury as a result of using a product.

Filing a Lawsuit After an Injury

Filing a Lawsuit After an Injury

Insurance companies, particularly those that specialize in auto insurance and business liability insurance, frequently try to reach speedy settlements for the least amount possible. When a settlement has been reached, there will be no further payments of money made. Sadly, a person who has been injured may not always be aware of how much their condition may cost them in the future because of their injuries.

It’s possible that the amount of money that was agreed upon won’t be enough to cover the cost of medical treatment for these injuries as well as the wages that were lost while they were recovering. The best way to ensure that you and your family are cared for after becoming injured is to file a lawsuit as soon as possible after the incident.

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Does Signing a Waiver Mean I Can’t Sue?

People have the misconception that if they sign a waiver before participating in an activity, like playing at an amusement park, they cannot file a lawsuit if they are injured as a result of participating in that activity. This is not the case. Waivers do not absolve the facility of responsibility for acts of extreme negligence. Even if a waiver was signed, it is still possible to recover any damages that occurred.

Determining Amounts of Recovery (How Much Compensation Money)

Recovery is a term that is used to determine how much money will be required to make someone who has been damaged whole again. If you have suffered a personal injury, you should seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney before filing a lawsuit to seek financial compensation for your injuries. When calculating recovery, a number of different factors will be taken into consideration.

These factors are as follows:

  • The price tag for one’s medical bills
  • The ages of those who were injured
  • The mental anguish and distress that you were forced to endure as a direct result of the accident
  • Because of the accident or injury, you may have a higher risk of developing future health problems in the future.
  • Lost wages from your job Decreases in the amount of money you will be able to earn in the future from your career

Claim Settlement versus Going to Trial

Many customers, out of fear of a drawn-out and lengthy trial, choose to settle their cases as quickly as possible for a lesser amount of compensation money instead. Despite the fact that auto and liability insurance companies frequently settle claims quickly to avoid the costs that would be incurred during a trial, our law firm has significant experience in the courtroom.

If the insurance company is unwilling to settle for an amount that we believe will provide you with the best treatment both now and in the future, we may take the case to court and argue on your behalf to secure the financial assistance you require. If we are successful, you will receive the amount that we believe will provide you with the best treatment.

Back to the Construction Worker

After the construction worker was hurt in the car accident, the insurance company for cars only offered him a meager sum of money to compensate him for his injuries. He was aware that the sum would not be sufficient to cover all of his medical expenses as well as the sum of money he would require to make up for the money he had lost while he was out of work. Because of the accident, he is missing a portion of the joint in his shoulder, and his future earnings may be lower if he is forced to accept a job that pays less.

He contacted a lawyer who specialized in cases of personal injury. The attorney advised him that he might be able to recover additional damages if he filed a lawsuit against the other party. He was able to get enough money to take care of himself and his family as a result of the lawsuit that he filed against the automobile insurance company. The settlement was reached rather quickly.

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If You Have Been Injured: How is injury compensation determined?

Once you have sustained an injury, the very first thing you should do is get medical attention. Do not be afraid to seek all of the assistance that you require in order to recover effectively. Please make careful documentation and ensure that receipts are kept for each of these visits so that we can obtain the doctor’s medical notes.

After that, make a call to a seasoned attorney who specializes in personal injury law. After hearing your side of the story, the attorney will evaluate your options and recommend the next step. Your attorney may ask you to write down everything about the accident that you can recall, so be prepared. To assist you in building a solid case, take pictures, jot down the names of witnesses, and provide specific details regarding key facts. This is your best chance of getting the amount of financial assistance that you require, so take advantage of it.


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